Monday, January 6, 2014

Stop the Gus Malzahn to the Browns fantasy

Gus Malzhan's name will be trending in Northeast Ohio tonight. 

His Auburn Tigers are leading Florida State, 21-10, at halftime of the BCS National Championship game. His offense is up-tempo, innovative and easy on the eyes. His players are rapidly improving. Remember, Auburn started the season with a 31-24 win over Washington State. Nothing about the start foreshadowed a championship run alongside the South's slick brutes. 

Nothing about the circumstances surrounding Malzhan foreshadow a landing in Cleveland, either. 

Besides holding a desirable job in college football's top conference, Malzahn holds a new contract, one Auburn sweetened last month. Why would Malzahn shred the buzz he has generated in the past four months to coach the Browns? 

His offense requires an electric running back and athletic quarterback. The Browns have neither. The Browns also have an impatient owner who combined with his top football executives to fire a coach they hired last year. 

Malzahn, who was coaching high school football less than a decade ago, would be foolish to ditch comfortable, secure settings to enter the stressful environment cultivated by Jimmy Haslma, Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi.

Judging by the game he's calling tonight, Malzhan is anything but foolish.   

-- Guy Cipriano | @newsheraldguy


Blogger Michael Colabuno said...

what? if it doesnt workout he can come right back to college. He is on his way to his 2nd national championship.

January 6, 2014 at 7:28 PM 

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