Friday, May 10, 2013

Breaking down the ACC-Big Ten Challenge

The television networks responsible for telling college conferences what to do announced matchups for the ACC-Big Ten Challenge earlier this week. Here's what you need to know about the tantalizing two nights of December basketball:

December 3

Florida State at Minnesota -- No Tubby could mean big problems for the Golden Gophers.

Illinois at Georgia Tech -- Would love to see Deron Williams and Kenny Anderson matchup in their college primes. 

Indiana at Syracuse -- Tom Crean should point in Jim Boeheim's direction and shout: "You wrecked our 2012-12 season."

Michigan at Duke -- NCAA title game preview?

Notre Dame at Iowa -- Oddest pairing of the event.

Penn State at Pitt -- Former rivals stopped playing when Pitt started winning. Take the Panthers by 35.

December 4

Boston College at Purdue -- Eagles traveling a long way to play a game few will watch.

Maryland at Ohio State -- Isn't this a Big Ten game? Oh, wait. We're a year ahead of ourselves.

Miami at Nebraska -- Great matchup Oh, wait. Wrong sport. Plus, we're 20 years behind ourselves.

North Carolina at Michigan State -- Magic has a statue outside the Breslin Center. Might be time to construct one of Michael outside the Dean Dome.

Northwestern at North Carolina State -- Nothing moves tickets like Chris Collins' return to Tobacco Road.

Wisconsin at Virginia -- Charlottesville has been described as a sleepy college town. Wisconsin's offense has been known to put thousands to sleep.

-- Guy Cipriano | @newsheraldguy


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