Friday, May 3, 2013

A user-friendly guide to Northeast Ohio's minor league baseball promotional schedules

A May, June, July or August night without a minor league baseball game being played in Northeast Ohio might be as rare as five straight spring days without rain. Yes, we're enjoying the weather so much it's time to purchase new running shoes.

In a random act of blogging kindness, we're going to save you from carrying around four pocket schedules and wading through four flashy websites and list the non-baseball reasons for attending games the next four months.

Get ready to polish your Jim Tressel bobblehead and devour cheap hotdogs. We're offering a list of Northeast Ohio's top minor league baseball promotions.

May 5, Akron Aeros, University of Akron Jim Tressel bobblead -- Insert tattoos on the doll's arms at your own risk.

May 18, Akron Aeros, Goodyear Bobble Blimp -- Hope this toy doesn't fly off the shelf.

May 18, Lake Erie Crushers, Hockey Night -- The one night fighting might be allowed on a baseball field.

May 22, Akron Aeros, Ode to Oats -- Oatmeal and oatmeal raisin cookies might the healthiest concession stand fare this side of California.

May 25, Lake County Captains, Restaurant Appreciation Night -- Don't minor league teams want customers eating in the ballpark instead of somewhere else before the game?

May 28, Akron Aeros, Price is Right Night -- Will Cleveland native Drew Carey host the between-inning contests?

June 5, Akron Aeros, Condiment Wars -- Wear a poncho because ketchup and mustard stains have been known to wreck shirts.

June 28, Lake County Captains, Cleveland Sports History Night -- Leave the depressing moments for the later innings.

June 29, Lake County Captains, LanceStrong Night -- Frauds get in for free.

July 1, Lake County Captains, Tribute to Canadian Baseball Night -- And now pinch-hitting for the Captains ... Matt Stairs. 

July 14, Lake Erie Crushers, Banker's Appreciation Night -- Bring your checkbook.

July 15, Akron Aeros, National Cow Appreciation Night -- This reporter once tried milking a cow on the field before a State College Spikes game. Embarrassing moment No. 227.

July 20, Lake County Captains, "A Captains Story" Bobblehead Night -- The 2013 version of the story might not have a happy ending judging by the season's first month.

July 25, Lake Erie Crushers, Delivery Appreciation Night -- Good night to arrive on time.

July 29, Mahoning Valley, Organized Dance Night -- As long they don't start doing the Macarena this promotion should fly.

Aug. 8, Akron Aeros, Jamaican Independence Day-Cool Runnings 20th Anniversary -- Postgame scoreboard showing of the John Candy film would be nice.

Aug. 8, Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Hasthag Twitter night  -- #the #ncaa #would #not #approve #of #this #promotion.

Aug. 10, Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Francisco Lindor Bobblehead Night -- The  19-year-old shortstop prospect played all of five games for the Scrappers in 2011.

Aug. 21, Mahoning Valley Scrappers,  Quarter Hot Dog Night -- Please limit purchases to four per customer.

Aug. 22, Lake Erie Crushers, Browns vs. Steelers Night -- Make this Barkevious Mingo vs. Jarvis Jones night.

Aug. 22, Lake County Captains, College Football Night -- One can only hope the score doesn't resemble those posted during 2012 games involving Lake Erie College and Notre Dame College.

Aug. 24, Mahoning Valley Scrappers, Vinnie Pestano Bobblehead Night --Too bad there wasn't an MP3 player somewhere inside the doll reciting the witty one-liners Pestano posts on his Twitter account.

Akron Aeros promotional schedule 

Lake County Captains promotion schedule

Lake Erie Crushers promotional schedule

Mahoning Valley Scrappers promotional schedule

-- Guy Cipriano | @newsheraldguy



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