Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Clint Frazier starting fast in Arizona

Heard an interview with an 18-year-old on WKRK-FM 92.3 on the way to work today.

Clint Frazier handled it well, describing the nuances of his swing and how he's adapted to professional baseball. Frazier also has handled the on-field part of his job well.

Through five games in the rookie Arizona League, the Indians' first-round draft pick is hitting .450 with one homer and eight RBI. Frazier has made just one start in the field, playing center field against the AZL Diamondbacks on Monday. He's batted either first or third in the baby Indians' lineup.

First-year professionals, especially those a few weeks removed from high school, often struggle in the infant stages of their professional careers for various reasons. Pitfalls include hitting permanently with a wood bat, living away from home, facing pitchers who chuck it 90 mph on a regular basis and adapting to a clubhouse filled with players and coaches from contrasting backgrounds.

Frazier has yet to play a half-dozen games. But there's nothing wrong with scorching baseballs before the first signing bonus check is deposited.
There's also nothing wrong with listening to an energetic 18-year-old on the radio. It's a pleasant way to spend a commute.

-- Guy Cipriano | @newsheraldguy


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